Good Teachers, Great Students - Interview With David Winters

David Winters

Barron's: The markets are off to a lousy start in 2008. The Standard & Poor's 500 is down about 8%, and bond spreads have widened considerably. Is this any way to greet a new year?

Winters: We view this as a gigantic after-Christmas sale. There has been a lot of indiscriminate selling at any price. Certainly, some securities and companies have been adversely affected by what has been going on, and these are securities to avoid. But almost everything has been tarred with the same brush. We continue to be very careful about what we are buying. We want to buy companies that generate a lot of free cash flow that's growing; have even more attractive prices these days, and are run by people who are motivated to do the right things for all shareholders. So we view this recent period in a very constructive manner. To have markets just go up all the time doesn't help a long-term investor.

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