Bloomberg Interviews with Mohnish Pabrai

Bloomberg had an interview with Mohnish Pabrai, Managing Partner of Pabrai Investment Funds, on June 19 2007. Mohnish Pabrai talks about his investment strategies, oil prices & the consumer, Harvest Natural Resource (NYSE:HNR), Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE:BRK.B), Delta Financial (NASDAQ:DFC) and his biggest mistakes.

I think Pabrai make some very insightful points :

  • Return of capital is more important than return on capital.
  • Low risk and high uncertainty approach.
  • Looking for Value.
  • Day-to-day fluctuations are mostly noise.
  • Stocks more affected by micro factors than macro economy.
  • Investing like an Entrepreneur.
    • Entrepreneurs look for low risk investments.
    • Entrepreneurs are good at handling uncertainty.
  • Value & growth stocks are 2 sides of same coin.
  • Be patient.
Here is some video clips (Part-1, Part-2) or you can watch directly below (more complete, about 21 minutes). You can also watch another interview with Mohnish Pabrai on May 31 2007 - CNBC Interview with Mohnish Pabrai about investment strategy.

Disclosure : I don't have any of these equities listed above.

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