CNBC Interview with Warren Buffett

Warren BuffettWarren Buffett tells CNBC's Becky Quick in an exclusive interview that market chaos often creates opportunities due to mispricing.

I highlight Buffett's insightful ideas below:

  • We've had problems all along. If you look at the last century, we had that Great Depression and World War Two, we had the Cold War, we had the atomic bomb, but the country does well.
  • It will probably present more opportunity to us, because when dislocations occur, things get more mispriced and certain things.
  • But the lenders, if people lend money that they're not gonna get paid back, that's their problem, basically.
  • And people, when everything has been good for a while, they get careless and they assume that prices will keep going up and that will bail out anything that happens and every now and then there's a rude awakening.
  • The consumer is still spending a lot, but they're not quite spending at the rate they were six months ago, but we've had nothing in the way of a huge consumer pullback yet.
Here is video link and transcript - Warren Buffett Sees Potential for Opportunities: The Complete CNBC Exclusive Interview.

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