Bruce Berkowitz Talk at WealthTrack

Bruce BerkowitzBruce Berkowitz, founder and co-manager of Fairholme Fund, talked at Consuelo Mack WealthTrack on Aug. 3, 2007. Berkowitz discussed why a handful of stocks and a pocketful of cash has enabled his fund to far outdistance the market in all kinds of weather.

I highlight some interesting points below:

  • Q: What's your view on the US Stock Market ? Berkowitz: I have no idea !
  • The future is so unpredictable. We assume the worst. We assume bad things can happen do happen. We try consistently to be ready for that.
  • Cash as Strategic Asset.
  • Trying-to-kill-the-company approach.
  • “The One Investment…” - Canadian Natural Resources (CNQ)
You can watch the video at WealthTrack or download it from Google Video.

*You can also read Fairholme Fund 2007 Semi-Annual Report and watch CNBC Interview with Burce Berkowitz on June.

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