In Their Own Worlds - Morningstar Conversation with Jean-Marie Eveillard and Marty Whitman

Jean-Marie EveillardMorningstar Conversation: Jean-Marie Eveillard of First Eagle and Marty Whitman of Third Avenue (August 22, 2007) .

Jean-Marie Eveillard and Marty Whitman met in 1990 shortly after Whitman launched what would become his signature fund, Third Avenue Value TAVFX. They were two kindred spirits on a conference panel with a third portfolio manager, who was speaking about financial theories and hypotheses.

"He was talking in a language that was completely different from ours," Eveillard says. "Martin and I chatted afterwards about the fact that it was good that the other was there, because we simply didn't speak the same language as the third guy."


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