CNBC Interview with Marty Whitman - $30B Worth of Advice

Martin WhitmanCNBC had an interview with Marty Whitman, founder of Third Avenue Management, on Sept. 7, 2007. Whitman shares his investment strategy with CNBC's Sue Herera.

Here is Marty's points:

  • Bottom-up, fundamental analysis.
  • Buy & hold for the long term.
  • The macro-market environment has never influenced the process by which we select investments.
  • Stock market downswings and difficulties in rolling over paper will not impact safe and cheap investors - especially those who invest in companies that finance themselves.
  • Over-leveraged investors, and those who have not been setting aside cash, will not be able to participate in the value opportunities that the correction is creating.
  • In the midst of this credit crisis, the current situation seems to present an attractive buying opportunity.
  • We focus on investment risk, not market risk.
Direct video link- $30B Worth of Advice.

*You can also read Third Avenue's latest report - Third Avenue 2007 Q3 Letter to Shareholders.

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